Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is a "Bane" maquette I sculpted for "The Dark Night Rises" for Christopher Nolan. I also sculpted the full size head on Tom Hardy's lifecast which later got scanned.

Both of these characters were for Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2. They ended up using the head of the top sculpture for a character called the "Bag Lady." the bottom pic is the full finished animatronic character called "Mr. Wink" I art directed, sculpted the head, some of the body, a maquette of Wink, for Spectral Motion. He was the funnest character I did for the movie. Brian Steele is in the suit.
This is a maquette I sculpted over at Spectral for "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark."

These sculpts are for "The Walking Dead" tv series. This is the well zombie episode for KNB.
This Alien for MIB 3 was a collaboration of Rick and I. Fun to collaborate with one of your heros!
Another Alien for MIB 3. I designed as I was putting clay on the form. Lot of fun!

Alien creature designs I sculpted over at Rick Baker's for "Men In Back 3. These were fun to come up with.
This is a resin, painted cast of a Hulk I sculpted. It was painted by Tim Gore and at Spectral. It was for "The Incredible Hulk." Unfortunately it did not look like this in the movie. It did although, look more like this in "The Avengers." Yes!
Alien maquette I sculpted for "Paul." Sculpted it in green medium Chavant and at Spectral.
A design maquette I did over at Spectral for the prequel for "The Thing."
Devil makeup I sculpted on Graham McTavish for a Capital One commercial for Film Illusions.
I sculpted Chucky's new look for "Bride of Chucky" at Kevin Yagher's studio.
This is a 14 foot Alien I sculpted for Kevin Yagher years ago. It was cast up in silicone and weighed a ton.

Goblin Designs I did. One Roma, one in Chavant.
Spindly Creature full maquette I sculpted in green medium Chavant clay.
Eye-less Demon. This is a WED clay sculpture I designed.
Boogedy Monster from the depths of.... dirt. I don't know.  Just something I did for fun.
Here is Mark Pellegrino in a bald cap makeup I did for something James Franco was directing.
On top this is skull I sculpted but then cast in resin. Below is a smaller skull I sculpted, poured two then fused them.
My own version of an Alien design I sculpted in Monster Clay.
Core Creature maquette sculpt for fun. Again, rice for teeth. lol
Crackhead design I did for fun.
Space Monster.
This was a barter sculpture job I did for a  friend. He molded a skull I sculpted and I sculpted this Brian Froud troll design for him. This is a resin copy I painted and did all the fabrication flowery bits on it.
Did this Vampire makeup for Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain." There is a little teaser trailer on "Youtube." This was a lot of work but very fun to do.
Side profile of She-Demon. Rice for teeth! Go figure.
This is a She-Demon I sculpted in Brown Chavant clay.
A maquette I did for "Blood the Last Vampire" I did for Spectral Motion. Sadly it didn't look like this in the final movie. :(
Gas Mask I did for a friend's short film in Green Chavant clay.
This is Nicolas Cage whittled down to muscle texture for the movie "Face/off" I did over at Kevin Yaghers years ago. Believe or not it's in Roma!


Here is an alien bust I sculpted 10 years ago. I sculpted in WED clay. It's about 12'' tall.  I also painted it as well. I still have the mold so copies are available to purchase.