Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is a "Bane" maquette I sculpted for "The Dark Night Rises" for Christopher Nolan. I also sculpted the full size head on Tom Hardy's lifecast which later got scanned.


  1. MARRRIOOOO! What's been up man! Loving your work!

  2. Mario, this sculpture is magnificent. Allow me to share my critique of it:

    First off the stance: Lindy Hemming, the costume designer, said that she likened Bane to a silver-back gorilla, and this model totally illustrates that. The bent knees, the long arms held away from the body, the neck set forward on powerful shoulders, the overall expression of menace and animal strength.

    Secondly, the artist’s choice of Shirtless!Bane. Never a bad choice. ;-) I’m not a fan of muscle men, but again Bane’s body type is the very essence of the character itself—purely functional and meant for carnage. This is no Mr. Universe. This is circus strong-man, kick-your-ass-in-a-flash raw power. The loosely clenched fists portray a confident readiness to deliver just such an ass-kicking whenever/wherever needed.

    I also love this unique view of Bane’s support belt. If you look at his costume in TDKR, you see a bit more added to it (the buckle-type front, for example, in the movie seems to overlay the basic carabiner-type fastener we see on this model). But this shows the very basic belt itself in cool detail.

    Overall, this sculpture beautiful portrays Bane, inside and out.